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SS Turf


"It has been fun to watch David take the same fundamentals and work habits he used to become an outstanding player and apply those same principles into building his business. Because of his athletic background, he knows exactly what product will work for your application."
- Frank Anderson
Pitching Coach - University of Houston
Head Coach - Oklahoma State 2004-2012
Pitching Coach - University of Texas 2000-2003
Pitching Coach - Texas Tech University 1990-1999

"SS Turf will come through for you, regardless of your artificial turf needs. Their products, pricing, and service are the best in the industry. David's athletic background, and blunt honesty, gives him a distinct advantage in helping you make a project happen with the best available product that fits your budget."
- Tom Collins
President - Texas HS Baseball Coaches Association
Head Coach - Stony Point HS - Round Rock, TX